Outdoor Waterproof Tablet – Extreme XTab 7500 (XSystems)


The benefits of having a Waterproof tablet

Most people will be more than happy with your average tablet or smartphone because they are mostly operating in a civilized environment where in a normal communications device is more than adequate for their needs. However the advantages of a waterproof tablet becomes very clear when going on a fishing trip or some other outdoor excursions. Under these conditions not having a waterproof tablet could become a constant frustration especially when you’re favorite tablet accidentally become immersed in water or in someone’s brandy and coke and this kind of damage is mostly not covered by the manufacturer of such a waterproof tablet. This is exactly why the xtab 7500 waterproof tablet is a must-have appliance when you are either working in a hazardous industrial environment or if you are addicted to outdoor adventures which can be tough on your normal kind of communications device. The xtab 7500 has been specifically designed for outdoor usage and therefore it is significantly stronger and more durable because of the IP67 dust, shock and waterproof Terra housing which is more than able to protect this tablet against all possible encounters.


A superbly designed outdoor tablet

Just because the xtab 7500 is focused on the outdoor market does not mean that the consumer will be required to sacrifice on the typical smartphone features. This extremely durable outdoor tablet comes standard with a 13 MB camera, it has an integrated quad core processor that can easily deal with most applications and battery life is more than adequate with the 7000mAh battery. This simply means that your exploration of nature could be enjoyed with out needless worry about battery life. This is a second generation X-Tel design and it incorporates many excellent features such as GPS and Wi-Fi. Although this is a real outdoor tablet which can take just about everything which is dished out to it without suffering damage it still runs on the trusted android operating system. This outdoor tablet will function under the most adverse conditions whether it be a construction site or extremely rugged outdoor terrain. Even should this outdoor tablet fall from a substantial height it will not suffer any damage because this outdoor tablet is shockproof as well as waterproof.


Are you in need of a waterproof, outdoor tablet?

You need not search very far because the xtab 7500 are more than able to provide in all of your outdoor tablet needs. The amazing thing as that the major smartphones manufacturers are so focused on providing in the needs of average business people but they have completely forgotten that a large percentage of these people are involved in extreme sports and other activities that will require waterproof outdoor tablets because your average tablets will simply not last in those hostile environments. If you are therefore in need of a waterproof outdoor tablet there can be no doubt that the xtab 7500 will be more than able to provide in your specific needs and it will be able to provide you with many years of satisfactory service.


Outdoor Waterproof Tablet
Extreme XTab 7500