This slim rugged phone of only 14mm thinness is especially built to withstand the toughest outdoor environments and extreme rough handling. Independently tested and certificated by authorised organisations, the X-Tel 9500 is certificated to military and industrial IP68 rating. This phone is shock, vibration, drop, impact, dust, water, oil, chemical, temperature and extreme pressure resistant. Your X-Tel functions perfectly in extreme temperatures ranging from -20 to 80°C, you will be surprised by the slim and sleek design without loosing its durability.

The rugged housing makes the X-Tel submersible and protects the sensitive internal components against shock and vibration damages. The back-cover is secured with the supplied strong stainless steel bolts. These bolds give extra secure protection to your X-Tel 9500 against dust- or water leakage. It’s extremely rugged with an impressive 4.5” size and yet it weighs only 320 g (with battery).



The X-Tel 9500 buttons have already been tested 100,000 times before you even take it out of the box.

Test: > Details:
Touch display > 500000x
Touch buttons > 100000x
Headphone input > 3000x
USB connector > 3000x
SD card slot > 3000x
SIM card slots > 1000x
Battery input > 3000x
Impact > 7500x
Compression > 2000x
Tumble Dropped from > 1 meter 100x
Particle debris > 12 hr in 45c Talcum powder environment

Don’t settle for less than the most extreme.