Waterproof Outdoor Smartphone IP68 – Extreme XTel 7500 (XSystems)


Why use an IP68 waterproof outdoor smartphone

There are many environments that can be harsh on normal kinds of smartphones such as construction sites, industrial plants and also the great outdoors. There are many hazards which could render a normal smartphone useless such as water damage, accidental shock damage due to a fall and even large amounts of dust may eventually penetrate into a normal smartphone causing a whole range of problems. This cannot happen to an IP68 outdoor smartphone such as the xtel 7500 because these phones has been specifically designed and manufactured to be waterproof, shockproof and dustproof and therefore they can be safely operated even in the most hazardous environments. Having an IP68 outdoor smartphone when going on a white river rafting Safari can be very beneficial because this phone is waterproof and therefore it cannot be damaged by water. Such a smartphone owner would therefore be able to make and receive phone calls from locations where others smartphone users cannot.


A waterproof outdoor smartphone is so much fun

You do not have to constantly worry about those hazards which may cause irreversible damage to a normal type of smartphone because your IP68 outdoor smartphone is definitely not normal in the sense that other smartphones are but rather it has been specifically designed to function very normally in conditions which may not allow the use of a normal smartphone. If you’re employed at a granite quarry where they are a lot of dust you don’t have to be concerned because your waterproof outdoor smartphone is also completely outdoor-proof and therefore it is not subject to the same hazards that other smartphones are subject to. You may be an enthusiastic angler who is spending a substantial amount of time next to a lake and with a normal smartphone there is always the danger of water damage but because you have an waterproof outdoor smartphone you need not worry because your smartphone has been manufactured specifically to be immune to the dangers which water presents to other smartphones.


An IP68 outdoor smartphone is mostly also Kid proof

If you have a toddler in the house who are continually exploring and experimenting with all of your stuff laying around, having a outdoor smartphone can really save you a lot of money because many smartphones have been dropped into the toilet bowel where they have found a watery grave from which they could not be resurrected. All of these things could be avoided when you invest in an IP68 outdoor smartphone. The xtel 7500 also has several other features which can be extremely useful to a smartphone user such as several handy installed outdoor tools and this includes marine and trail off-road navigation as well as SOS emergency software and even some applications related to personal health. The main feature of this outdoor smartphone is its excellent built and durability and this is actually making it the perfect gift for a person who is into extreme sports and other outdoor activities.