Waterproof Rugged Tablet – Extreme XTab 9000 (XSystems)


What is rugged tablet?

A rugged tablet such as the xtab 9000 is the kind of device that will look good when exhibited during a business meeting but it will also look good in a rubber duck careening down a fast running river. And even should you fall overboard with your rugged xtab 9000 tablet you won’t need to worry since this rugged tablet is completely waterproof and will not suffer any damage. The xtab 9000 is designed in such a way that it is entirely dust, shock and waterproof and therefore it will be able to endure even the most adverse conditions which is exactly why it is classified as a rugged tablet. Battery life has been very well provided for in this tablet which will ensure extended usage between charges. It also has an integrated quad core processor that will be able to handle most of your applications without any problems. The xtab 9000 a rugged tablet has been specifically designed for all whether conditions and it is making use of the android operating system and therefore most of the applications available on this operating system will be available to the user.


Waterproof tablets has many benefits

Over the last decade at least five mobile phones in our family has become victims to water damage. When something like this happens most smartphone technicians will tell you that it is often cheaper to replace the phone rather than trying to fix it. Such repairs when possible is often very costly and you never know if other components is going to fail because of that exposure to water. With a waterproof tablet there is no need to worry about these things because a waterproof tablets such as the xtab 9000 will suffer absolutely no damage when exposed to water. It has all the features found in other smartphones and tablets such as GPS and Wi-Fi. Nothing can be more frustrating than going on in outdoor excursions and suddenly you find yourself in a situation where a very expensive tablet has been totally ruined because of some misfortune and now that tablet has to be replaced and in most cases important data will be lost as well as important contact information. All of these problems can be avoided by making use of a waterproof and rugged tablet such as the xtab 9000.


The benefit of an industrial waterproof rugged tablet

Many industrial processing plants require employees to work at substantial heights and without an industrial rugged tablet it often happens that a very expensive smartphone or tablet is accidentally dropped which always results in a severely damaged smartphone which simply cannot be repaired. However with an industrial rugged tablet such as the xtab 9000 which has been specifically designed to be shockproof such unnecessary damage can be avoided and therefore no costly repairs will be required. If you are a person who is involved in a construction project or who are employed in a large industrial plant then the prudent action will be to invest in an industrial rugged tablet that will be able to survive the most common hazards associated with such an environment.


Waterproof Rugged Tablet
Extreme XTab 9000