There is the possibility to take your applications wherever you go, no matter how rough the terrain will be. With open source Android you’ll have complete access to all the things you need. Android OS can use one of the many applications on the store that can help you get your job done quickly, or it can run your custom application in a open or closed network environment.



• Answer & Reject buttons, designed for outdoor professionals working with gloves and in wet environments
• Side SOS Panic button, which you can press for 3 seconds to automatically dial an emergency number
• Side Camera button, one click and your photo / video camera applications opens directly
• Strong removable battery, up to 15 hours talking time + 8 hours 4G full connection time
• High quality ergonomic design, easy to use in wet or dirty surroundings


Get things done and entertain yourself anywhere, everywhere and under any condition. Switch easily and quickly between editing photos, browsing the web, messaging, watching movies, listening to music and calling. The X-Tel 9500 has pre-installed outdoor apps and enables you to choose from over 1.3 million apps on Google Play. Access limitless applications with impressive functions, use the build-in functions of the X-Tel without much effort. Applications for your private and business purpose?

The X-Tel supports them all. So for example you are able to check the barometer or temperature or what to think about the functions as a GPS tracker. Besides all that the X-Tel 9500 is also ideal for health or sport applications.The X-Tel 9500 has also all the application programs for you to navigate on-road, off-road as nautical!



Search easy and fast with voice command. Ask any question or give commands to Android Google voice command. Just say “Ok, Google what’s the weather for tomorrow” to receive directly the latest weather forecast information in your region or say “Ok, Google how is the stock exchange doing” and within a few seconds you got the stock overview.

It’s practical and user-friendly! Communicate with you’re X-Tel 9500 by Google Voice; your companion for any adventure.



Share your greatest outdoor moments directly with your family and friends. Use applications such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to post your moments or promote by Linkedin your companies latest progression. Advanced technical specifications enables you to surf the internet or chat secure and fast at lighting speed in any condition.


Protect your your self against spam calls. There might be, for various reasons, a need to block unwanted calls on your X-Tel 9500. Within the Settings to My Device to Blocking Mode there are the functions to block incoming phone calls. Also there is a possibility to only disable incoming calls and/or notifications in certain time periods.

There are some applications from Google Play, which may work on the X-Tel 9500 which forward certain numbers directly to voicemail. This means they won’t totally block your calls, but in this case, you’ll need to take a different route.


As X-Tel 9500 is using the Android software it uses also the secure internal security, however we believe an extra anti-virus is always preferred for protection. Via Google Play the X-Tel 9500 can be secured with an extended anti-virus program, monitoring vulnerability and protection security solutions via various applications.
Without any troubles extra protection for anti-virus and security can be installed on the X-Tel 9500.


A fantastic feature if an X-Tel 9500 got lost. To find the X-Tel via X-Tel’s Android Device Manager it’s possible to find the X-Tel’s approximate location on a map where it was last used. The moment this device manager finds an X-Tel, the client receives a notification. Once the X-Tel has an android software account and is created via a Gmail address the “Find Your X-Tel” android device can be turned on. Once it’s turned on the X-Tel can be found anywhere on the world when it has mobile data or WIFI connection.


Protect your precious X-Tel 9500 and sensitive business or private data with the best protection available on the market. The X-Tel can have a sim lock and different types of screen locks, your able to set a pin, password or even a face recognition ID which enables you to enter the phone with the use of the built-in camera’s. Your X-Tel phone can also be encrypted, this requires an extra verification with every start-up. The phone can also support all kind of anti-virus and internet protection applications that are offered on Google Play. Intruders will stand no chance when your phone it lost, this protection will keep them outside. While your phone is stolen or lost you can delete all data and view its location directly.


You always have direct access to the cloud-backup of your X-Tel. Access the back-up at any given moment, check if all is fine or use it when needed.