A fully Outdoor & Waterproof Phone

For people working in a construction environment or for those who are adventurous and who are frequently exploring outdoor terrain will require a mobile phone which is able to function efficiently even when wet or when it’s dropped by accident. For all of these people the xtel 3000 is the answer because it is shockproof, waterproof and also dust proof and therefore it will be able to function even in the most difficult environments and even when it is subjected to rough treatment. In order to provide in the essential needs of the customers for which this phone has been designed this waterproof phone has been kept very simple and it has only the basic functions such as FM radio, camera, flashlight, Internet, Whatsapp, SMS and also Dual-SIM functionality. Because of these basic functions it is able to provide its owner with all the most needed features and these things will be available whether the owner is on a construction project or exploring somewhere in the wild.


A very worthy outdoor phone

Most people today prefer to be reachable 24 hours a day and seven days a week even when exploring the countryside. The problem is taking your expensive tablet on a hiking trip may not be a very good idea since that tablet may be able to function exceptionally well in the office or at home but it is simply not designed as an outdoor phone. Therefore dropping your waterproof phone may result in a broken screen or some other structural damage which may be very costly to repair and in most cases water damage may render the phone unrepairable. These problems can be overcome by investing in an xtel 3000 that has been designed as a full blooded outdoor phone that will be able to take all the punishment that comes its way and still continue to function efficiently and reliably. In order to ensure a phone which is truly robust and durable the manufacturers has kept to a simplistic T-9 keyboard design which is powered by an efficient power source and the primary objective was to provide a phone which could receive calls and also make calls although other things like Whatsapp and email is also possible as well as SMS.


Waterproof and outdoor in one design

Most manufacturers of waterproof phones could be commended for the exquisite designs which they are manufacturing for the consumer. There can be no doubt that most of the well-known manufacturers have been very successful in providing the user with waterproof phones that are able to allow them communication possibilities that was unheard of only a decade ago. The problem is that not enough is done to cater for people working in hazardous environments such as construction sites or for those people who love hiking trips and other extreme sports. You need a waterproof outdoor phone while doing white-water rafting or abseiling and in this conditions your typical waterproof phone will be constantly at risk because it simply has not been designed for these conditions. However with an xtel 3000 you have a truly waterproof outdoor phone that will never let you down no matter how tough the conditions may be.