Waterproof Motorcycle GPS – Extreme XMap 4000 (XSystems)


Why use a waterproof GPS?

The reasons for a waterproof GPS should be very obvious because using such a device on a motorcycle while it’s raining could result in severe water damage if such a GPS is not waterproof. This is why using a waterproof GPS such as the xmap 4000 which is also shock and dust proof can really help to ensure a comfortable journey. In fact it doesn’t matter what the conditions might be where in a biker may find themselves, this waterproof GPS will be more than sufficient to handle all of the conditions which could possibly be encountered. The xmap 4000 comes standard with two navigation applications which included the IGO 8 on-road street navigation software as well as the applications which is provided by X-systems. With the trusted xmap 4000 an enthusiastic biker mostly get significantly more than they expect. Regardless of the road conditions or the weather conditions which may be encountered they can rest assured that the xmap 4000 could be expected to perform without any problems even under the most difficult conditions.


The benefits of an effective motorcycle GPS

It is especially in off-road conditions far away from civilization that it will be critical to have a motorcycle GPS system which is reliable and trustworthy. In some conditions people’s lives may depend on accurate navigation and the motorcycle GPS system which will be more than suitable to all of your needs under even the worst kind of conditions will always be the trusted xmap 4000. In fact this proven motorcycle GPS will continue to function perfectly even under 100 cm of water. A lot of details has been considered in the design of this popular motorcycle GPS and this has resulted in a product that looks good and stylish but which is very durable at the same time. Even the power pack of this motorcycle GPS is waterproof and it can be connected directly to the power system of your motorbike. If you are an explorer that requires reliable and accurate navigation then there can be no doubt that your motorcycle GPS of choice should most definitely be the trusted xmap 4000.


Don’t compromise when it comes to a motorbike GPS

Just consider the Dakar rally and just imagine what would happen if this event was not properly organized resulting in motorbike riders that are lying somewhere in a ditch hundreds of kilometers from civilization. Locating such a motorbike ride could take a lot of time but when a reliable motorbike GPS system is available it is possible to provide the exact coordinates which could significantly speed up the reaction process. This is exactly why the xmap 4000 has established itself as the motorbike GPS system which is preferred by most enthusiasts. At simply does not pay to compromise when it comes to quality and motorbike GPS systems is no exception. Even in conditions where heavy snow is encountered this motorbike GPS system will still provide accurate navigation which will ensure that a user is able to take the shortest and the most suitable route to their destination.

Waterproof Motorcycle GPS Navigation
Extreme XMap 4000