Rugged Waterproof Smartphone – Extreme XTel 9000 (XSystems)


A truly rugged smartphone

Some people are employed in positions that simply does not favor your typical smartphone because of the hazards of that environment. Then there are also people that are into extreme sports or they are professional hikers or even a rock climbers and likewise your average smartphone will always be at the risk in those conditions. For those looking for a real rugged smartphone the xtel 9000 is definitely the solution. Because of its ability to resist things such as shock damage, water damage or dust damage due to its very durable IP68 design these phones will be immune against most of the hazards which could be encountered either in an industrial environment or while exploring nature. If your passion is white water rafting then you will really need a waterproof smartphone such as the xtel 9000 because this is the phone which will keep you in contact under the most adverse conditions, the very conditions which may lead to structural or internal damage in other kinds of smartphones.


The benefits of having a waterproof smartphone

Modern smartphones is costly possessions and they require constant supervision to ensure that they are not damaged by accident. Having a waterproof smartphone is actually a very clever idea when there is small children in your home who might either drop your phone or spill their drinks on that phone which could cause critical damage to most smartphones. However with an xtel 9000 waterproof phone there will be no need for unnecessary concern or precautions because such a phone will be able to handle most of the things that children could do to it. This waterproof smartphone is highly rugged, IP68 fully waterproof, disinfectants-proof and oil-proof. Among all the available android phones the xtel 9000 waterproof phone is one of the most robust and rugged smartphones. This phone has been designed specifically for people who regularly find themselves in an environment where normal smartphones will be constantly at risk because of the many hazards related to that environment.


Some people will always need an rugged smartphone

Consider the environment which is associated with your typical mountain bike rally. Although no participant in such a race will be overly concerned with communication, such communication may be a consideration when practicing for such a rally. You need to have a real rugged smartphone when something goes wrong during your practice run and you have to phone for help. Having a smartphone which has been totally damage during a fall could leave you without any means of communication but having an xtel 9000 rugged phone could be your salvation because it is unlikely that this type of rugged smartphone will be damaged under this conditions because it has been specifically designed to withstand sudden shocks as well as dust damage. Even a tumble into a pool of water will be no problem because this rugged smartphone is completely waterproof and it will suffer no damage because of such a misfortune.


Rugged Waterproof Smartphone – Extreme XTel 9000