Waterproof motorbike sat nav – Extreme XMap 5000 (XSystems)


Why does anyone need a waterproof sat nav?

Such a device is necessary when it is used in conjunction with a motorbike that does not have a roof such as a motor vehicle which could ensure that such as satellite navigation system remains dry and is not unnecessarily damaged when driving through rain. This is just one of the benefits of the xmap5000 one of the most sophisticated waterproof sat nav systems on the market. This product has been specifically designed and manufactured for the off-road motor vehicle market and therefore it is one of the most durable and high quality devices in this product range. It does not matter what the conditions may be which is encountered, this waterproof sat nav system will never let you down and it will function optimally where ever you may go. This product comes with two navigational applications, the one being the IGO 8 on-road Street navigation software and it also has the X-Systems original off-road and marine mapping and chart software.


Application of the typical motorbike sat nav

The xmap5000 will mostly be used in conjunction with motorbikes but in reality it is suitable for all kinds of off-road applications. The sophisticated GPS integrated in this motorbike sat nav will operate perfectly even in poor weather. The xmap 5000 is very similar to the xmap 4000 except for the fact that it is has a large 5 inch screen and this device will be waterproof to a depth of 50 cm. Just like every other product manufactured by X-Systems this motorbike sat nav is shock, dust and waterproof which is exactly why regardless of the conditions where in this system is used it will always operate satisfactory. Although this is a high quality device that has been specifically designed for its strength and endurance it still has a very attractive appearance. Not only is this a quality appliance which is shockproof and waterproof but it also looks neat and attractive and people will never guess by looking at this great-looking devise that it is in reality a very tough and almost indestructible device.


How to choose a motorbike sat nav

Especially in off-road situations far away from civilization it simply makes no sense to compromise when it comes to choosing a quality motorbike sat nav system. Choosing a system which is not shockproof, dust proof and waterproof can have very nasty consequences when such a system ceases to operate as it should. For the Explorer that are traveling along distant roads it is very important to choose a motorbike sat nav system that will not let you down regardless of the conditions which is encountered. The xmap 5000 comes preloaded with two software navigation systems so that users will always know exactly where they are and how to get to their chosen destination. When using a quality motorbike sat nav system such as the xmap 5000 a lot of time can be saved because the system will always indicate the best possible word to use. There are people who are getting lost with urban navigational systems and therefore it should be completely understandable why off-road navigation systems has to be reliable.


Waterproof motorbike sat nav
Extreme XMap 5000