Professional photography (rugged), in your pocket

The X-Tel 9500 V2 is a top-notch waterproof smartphone which is more extreme than any other outdoor or waterproof smartphone. The outdoor housing of this smartphone is fully waterproof up to 1 meter (100 centimeters) for about 30 minutes. Yes. You can swim for 30 minutes from island to island.

Of all waterproof smartphones, this is the most usable. As most touchscreens don’t work when the smartphone is wet, however that is not the case with the X-Tel 9500 V2, which is the only waterproof smartphone that retains touchscreen usage when wet. That said, the X-Tel 9500 V2 also has a side Camera button within its housing, with one click the camera feature opens and photos can be taken and videos can be recorded even under water.


Next to this, the X-Tel 9500 V2 Extreme Waterproof Smartphone is designed to protect from any water damage that could possible occur while out at the beach, pool or any other wet conditions. And has incredible looks with unique features such as Answer + Reject buttons, Custom bottom button and side SOS Panic button.

As most outdoor waterproof smartphones look like industrial phones, the X-Tel 9500 V2 is a high quality good looking smartphone which is IP68 waterproof protected. The waterproof casing is also scratch and drop resistant a side of being only waterproof. An excellent smartphone for day-to-day use in hard working environments.