Music & effects becomes breathtaking realistic by adding dimension to the sound. The X-Tel 9500 creates a pure sound with long acoustic transmission, the waveform is longer and consists of a single frequency with auto-balancing. The distortion-free and immersive clear loud sound is as impressive as the phone it self.


Load in your own private collection of song files or select the best music from various FM stations in the music or radio app. All your X-Tel 9500 music is stored online, so no need to worry about syncing, storage space or offline playback. It’s also possible to store your collection of songs on the exchangeable Micro SD card, to ensure your collection will be available offline in a plane or deep in the jungles of the amazone.


Stream your music and videos wireless directly from your X-Tel 9500 to Bluetooth speaker devices such as the X-Audio and other compatible home stereo devices. Simply connect your audio device with your X-Tel phone and start enjoying excellent sound quality. The X-Tel 9500 allows you to connect with different devices at the same time, such as Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, compatible home stereo or Chromecast device.


Create a party, show your videos to the entire room or stream any screen image or application by mirror casting function. You can mirror cast your screen to the television, what you see on the small screen will be on the big screen. While casting to the television, you’re free to use your X-Tel 9500 for other things.